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Bareilly Pincode / Post Office Search (BAREILLY, Uttar Pradesh)

Agras B.O 243501BareillyUttar Pradesh
Akha B.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Aundh B.O 243501BareillyUttar Pradesh
Balipur B.O 243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
Baljati B.O 243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
Ballia S.O 243402BareillyUttar Pradesh
Bareilly Cantt S.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Bareilly City S.O 243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
Bareilly College S.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Bareilly H.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Bareilly Kty S.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Bareilly R.S S.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Bhamora S.O 243401BareillyUttar Pradesh
Bhandsar B.O 243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
Bhitaura B.O 243501BareillyUttar Pradesh
Bhojipura S.O 243202BareillyUttar Pradesh
Bhoor B.O 243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
Bhuta S.O 243126BareillyUttar Pradesh
Biharman Nagla B.O 243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
Bilwa B.O 243202BareillyUttar Pradesh
Bithri Chainpur B.O 243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
Bohit B.O 243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
C.A.R.I S.O 243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
C.B. Ganj S.O 243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
Chanehti B.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Chaubari B.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Chaupla S.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Dauli Raghuwar Dayal B.O 243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
Dhaura B.O 243202BareillyUttar Pradesh
Gauntara B.O 243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
Ghunsa B.O 243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
Gulab Nager B.O 243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
Haraulia B.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
ITBP Bareilly S.O 243004BareillyUttar Pradesh
Izzat Nagar S.O 243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
Jogither B.O 243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
K.K.Niazia S.O 243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
Kareli B.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Keolaria B.O 262406BareillyUttar Pradesh
Khalilpur B.O 243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
Khanpur B.O 243202BareillyUttar Pradesh
Khelam B.O 243302BareillyUttar Pradesh
Kiara B.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Kila S.O 243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
Koharapeer B.O 243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
Kunwar Pur S.O 243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
Kunwarpur Banzaria B.O 243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
Malook Pur S.O 243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
Mango Road S.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Marhinath Road S.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Marwari Ganj S.O 243005BareillyUttar Pradesh
Masjid Domni B.O 243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
Meerapur Rafiabad B.O 243501BareillyUttar Pradesh
Mehtarpur B.O 243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
Mission Hospital S.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Mohammad Ganj B.O 243501BareillyUttar Pradesh
Mohanpur B.O 243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
Mundia Ahamad Nagar B.O 243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
Municipal Board S.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Nandausi B.O 243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
Nc Lines Bareilly S.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Nekpur B.O 243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
Ner Workshop S.O 243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
Nrmc B.O 243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
Old City S.O 243005BareillyUttar Pradesh
P.A.C.Dso S.O 243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
Pachdeora Kalan B.O 243202BareillyUttar Pradesh
R.K.University S.O 243006BareillyUttar Pradesh
Rajau Paraspur B.O 243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
Richha B.O 243201BareillyUttar Pradesh
Rithora B.O 243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
Saidpur Hakins B.O 243122BareillyUttar Pradesh
Sarai Talfi B.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Shahi S.O 243505BareillyUttar Pradesh
Shamat Ganj S.O 243005BareillyUttar Pradesh
Shehdana Colony B.O 243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
Shubhash Market S.O 243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
Shubhash Nagar B.O 243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
Shyam Ganj S.O 243005BareillyUttar Pradesh
Simra Boripur B.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh
Sirsa Jagir B.O 243501BareillyUttar Pradesh
Soraha B.O 243501BareillyUttar Pradesh
Surkha S.O 243003BareillyUttar Pradesh
Surla B.O 243202BareillyUttar Pradesh
Swale Nagar B.O 243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
Thiria Nizawatkhan B.O 243123BareillyUttar Pradesh
Tiliapurbo B.O 243502BareillyUttar Pradesh
Umarsia B.O 243001BareillyUttar Pradesh

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.